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Our Commitment to ESG

White Mountains invests for the long-term in the businesses we own. We think like owners, not short-term financial engineers. Our overriding goal is superior growth in White Mountains’ intrinsic value per share over long periods of time. To achieve this goal and to steward our owners’ capital appropriately, we are committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility. We have made that commitment an integral part of our culture and practices.

Corporate Governance & Business EthicsFollowing our core operating principle of “thinking like owners,” we maintain robust and owner-focused corporate governance practices.
Environmental and Social ResponsibilityOur commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility spans many aspects of our business, most notably our approach towards climate change, our investment management practices, our human capital management and our community engagement.
Risk ManagementThrough our risk management activities, we seek to identify and assess major risks that could affect our businesses. We include considerations of ESG risks, such as the impact of climate change, human capital management and cybersecurity threats.